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Committed to Customer Success

At Kern, we don’'t assume success, we pursue it. The success of our customers is the most important part of our business. We believe that we don'’t succeed unless our customers succeed, first. Fast machines, advanced technology, and outstanding technical support are the fundamental strengths of what we do.

By establishing a mutually beneficial partnership, both our customers and Kern are able to achieve success. To further our commitment to customer success, Kern has backed it up with our industry exclusive customer success guarantee.



Customer Success Guarantee

Kern’s industry unique protection for your investment

You are making a large investment for your mailing operation and you want to know that your product is the best solution for your requirements and will give you the results you demand, year after year


Kern’s better process focus that delivers better results

Kern Inc. is fundamentally focused on customer success. We are dedicated to delivering a quality, competitive, and on time solution. We continually strive to improve our end to end, innovative solutio


Kern’s policy on environmental responsibility

Today there is an undeniable demand for companies to be more "Green”". Kern's commitment to customer success includes a mutual partnership in providing products that minimize any potentially harmfu