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Kern Envelope Production System (EPS) – The innovative answer to short run and personalized envelope production on-site


The Kern Envelope Production System (EPS) is the answer to the problem of forecasting, purchasing, warehousing and staging short runs of envelopes for production mail. The EPS uses a unique approach by taking ordinary, digitally printed, paper rolls and turning them into clean, side seam envelopes with just the right curved flap look that customers expect and ready to run in your production mail systems.


The Kern EPS can be run in-line, with a transport that delivers completed envelopes directly into the envelope hopper of the K3500 production inserting system or configured as a stand-alone system with vertical stacking of envelopes for physical transport to any inserting system. The Kern EPS produces 18,000 envelopes per hour and uses a state-of-the-art laser die cutter, precision folder, and seam gluing to make perfectly formed, closed-faced envelopes that can be personalized in advance or addressed and personalized with post inserting inkjet printing systems.


The Kern EPS can reduce the costs of ordering small quantities of custom envelopes for short runs and eliminate delays when those envelopes aren’t available when the production job is scheduled. The EPS is perfect for short run jobs or prototyping new production mail applications.