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K300 Smart-Binder System

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Kern 300 Smart-Binder System

The K300 Smart-binder system allows use of IBIS's patented 'ISG' (Individual Sheet Glueing) technology which replaces wire-staples of cold-glue 'dots' between each sheet to produce more attractive, stronger, flatter and easier-to-recycle books. The Smart-binder model SB-4 includes an additional HMCU module to combine ISG cold glued 'signatures' with hot-melt glue to produce thick high-quality, square-backed books. For the first time ever, either wire-stitched or glued books may now be produced from the same machine. The SB-4 is a lower-cost solution for hot glued books.


Kern and IBIS - Partners in Book Finishing

IBIS was formed in May 1999 by senior managers and engineers who previously worked with Heidelberg Finishing Systems (formerly Harris Graphics and AM Graphics). The team has over 150 years of combined experience in book finishing equipment design and applications. IBIS is dedicated to providing printers around the world with innovative, high performance, heavy duty and reliable book finishing systems with unique features and user advantages. The focus has been on finishing solutions for high-speed digital printers, both off-line and in-line. The latest products feed (and collate) offset printed sheets as well as digital.

Uniquely, IBIS offers the ability to produce both glued books and wire stitched (stapled) books from the same machine. For these reasons, Kern chose to partner with IBIS to provide one-stop service for book finishing solutions.

Kern Book Finishing Solutions

Recognizing that existing book binding equipment is based on outdated design principles,unsuitable for the digital printing industry, Kern has a clear vision of improved and simplified binding solutions, utilizing modern technology. Kern continuously develops new print finishing solutions and recently launched an off-line version of the Kern 300 SB3 model to take output from multiple digital printers or offset presses, designed specifically for R+V Insurances in Germany.