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K3500 Dual-Channel

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Double Your Success: the Kern 3500 Dual Channel Module


With the side-connecting, dual-channel module, the Kern 3500 Inserting System can be configured for dual channel operation, making it a performance leader in the processing of dual entry applications as well. The VSK side-channel connecting module supports the full functionality of the input modules and enables optimized communication throughout the system. The module is designed to sustain the inserting system’s maximum output of 22,000 filled envelopes per hour.


The K3500 dual-channel is a complete, integrated system. The capacities and speed of every component are designed to support optimum output by the complete system. The central control enables perfect communication between the modules of the inserting line and coordinates the matched content into every envelope with perfection. And, as you would expect from your K3500, reliability, consistency and ease of use are designed-in.