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K90 Card Affixing System

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Kern 90 Card Affixing System

From credit cards to hotel room keys, the Kern 90 can attach almost any kind of card to your custom-printed carrier. The K90 prints card carriers on demand before attaching the cards to their carriers by either an adhesive label or gluing. Both the card feeder module and the adhesive supply module are extremely compact with monitoring to alert operators of low levels.

Robo-Card®: Fast, Accurate, and Flexible
Kern’s twin-armed robot represents the latest in card attaching technology. With speed, accuracy, and repeatability, the pick and place robotic arm is light years ahead of current tipping technologies.

The Robo-Card® is equipped with four independent axis. Based on specific inputs, the Robo-Card is capable of determining, in real time, the exact position for card placement. Using an integrated vision system, the Robo-Card can place a card within five thousandths of a millimeter.

Advanced Reading

Incredibly accurate card placement is coupled with confirmation of accuracy throughout the system. The K90 continues the Kern tradition of accuracy with its advanced reading capabilities. All reading takes place with the cards in the vertical position, ensuring the most precise reading. The K90 CardSystem is able to monitor processing at every step and all production data is available for immediate evaluation. A sophisticated ADF solution ensures the integrity of each mail piece from start to finish.