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Kern Cut to Stack Lines

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Introducing Two New Cutter Lines from Kern

Two solutions for roll to stack cutting

Depending on your cutting and merging needs, Kern has developed two new cutting lines including the K130/141 and K132/143. The K130/141 is a high-speed rotary cutter with the ability to process up to 640 ft/min for 1- to 4-up options. This unique system also provides chip cutting and chip disposal capabilities. The K132/143, a low-cost cutter line featuring a guillotine cutter and drop stacker, can be used as an offline stand alone solution or in an online connection with all standard digital printing systems in the low to mid-speed range. Both systems guarantee high cut quality and the reliability expected of Kern solutions.




Innovation combined with accuracy

The new technology of the K130 / K141 delivers all the needed functions and features of a cutter line: processing speeds of up to 640 ft/min, the ability to process pinfeed or pinless forms with 1-up,


The universal versatile cutting system

Built upon 60 years of cutting and stacking technologies, the new, low-cost cutter line, including the K132 guillotine cutter and the K143 drop stacker,  is especially made for low to medium spee