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Kern Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L with Integrated Grouping and Folding Station

The Kern Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L is an integrated input module provided with cutting, grouping and folding capabilities. 

As part of the successful family of Kern continuous forms cutters, this module offers many of the advantages for which Kern has learned an outstanding market reputation. Particularly noteworthy is the module’s high throughput of 32,000 documents per hour when groups consist of two sheets, or 36,000 documents per hour with groups of three sheets. Another big plus of the newly developed module is the ease of handling afforded operators and maintenance personnel alike.

The Kern Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L is easy to set up for a broad range of applications, since only a handful of parameters require programming.

The SIGR/L integrates latest generation technology such as a large format touch screen whose clearly laid out graphics help the operator to master the cutting module easily and within an extremely short time.

Like all Kern solutions, the Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L is built to last and maintain a high level of availability, and is designed for continuous operation. The module’s sturdy, high-quality construction and the use of future-oriented servo technology help ensure that these goals are reached.

The SIGR/L is a valuable addition to Kern’s rich portfolio of products and can be readily combined with various Kern systems. The module can also be fully integrated into Kern’s ADF environment.

The Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L is compatible with both the Kern 2500 and the Kern 2600. The high processing speed of the cutting module is put to excellent use in conjunction with either inserting system. A large touch screen with ergonomic menu navigation makes for extremely user-friendly operation. Live images on the touch screen facilitate the rapid adjustment of the reading system.

The SIGR/L is compatible with a broad range of readers. All industry-standard types of processing code – namely OMR, barcode, datamatrix and OCR – can be read anywhere on a document. In addition, reading systems capable of scanning entire pages are available. Such systems can increase flexibility and reduce changeover times between jobs.

The standard configuration of the completely redesigned folding unit features four folding pockets and allows for unmatched versatility and easy adjustment.

Ease of operation, accessibility and maintenance friendliness are trademarks of the SIGR/L. The Continuous Forms Cutter SIGR/L is capable of processing pinfeed or pinless webs from rolls or fanfold stacks. Processing can be synchronized by "reading" pinfeed perforations