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Mail Wrapping

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Mail Wrapping Systems

Developed in response to the multifarious demands of the market and with an eye to the needs of operators, the Kern 40 Mail Wrapping System has been designed and built with two guiding principles in mind: simplicity and versatility.

Wide range of uses

The extraordinary versatility of the Kern 40 Mail Wrapping System makes it suitable for use in a variety of mail-related fields.


  • Paper manufacturing
  • Digital printing
  • Bookbinding
  • Direct marketing
  • Newspaper and magazine distribution
  • Publishing
  • Public administration
  • Advertising


K40 Series

Production wrapping system with simplicity and versatility

The Kern 40 was designed to meet market demands while providing a platform that is effective for operators. Advanced electronics and a touch-screen control panel enable operators to switch quickl


The innovative answer to short run and personalized envelopes

The Kern Envelope Production System (EPS) is the answer to the problem of forecasting, purchasing, warehousing and staging short runs of envelopes for production mail. The EPS uses a unique approach b