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Kern PageMailer: The Complete Forms Factory

High Quality mailings with significant cost savings.

Today’s mailers are looking for versatile equipment that will minimize operational cost and provide a significant return on their investment. Kern’s latest mailing solutions is the PageMailer, capable of producing a complete mail piece from plain 8 ½” x 11” printer paper. The Kern PageMailer is a broad solution that meets a variety of needs; from banks that mail pin numbers or necessary account information to a direct-marketer that is looking to gain maximum exposure from full color graphics on the inside and outside of the mailpiece. While the PageMailer excels in producing a quality mailpiece, its greatest asset is the potential cost savings that can be realized from minimizing waste and pre-glued materials as well as postage discounts when switching from a full size to postcard.

Save On Materials

The PageMailer uses plain paper, the same that can be printed from the copy room in your office. Part of the cost savings achieved from using plain paper is in the avoidance of any pre-processing costs for pre-gluing and perforating documents. Plastic windows or special chemical forms are not necessary with the PageMailer.

The reason that plain paper can be used in the PageMailer is that the Kern product itself makes the perforations and shoots the glue lines to the document while it processes.

When using plain paper, the drum of the laser printer is not damaged with perforations or glue stripes. This way, in other printing jobs, there will not be “ghost marks” left on the paper.

By not using forms with pre-applied adhesives, your printer will avoid problems caused by build-up of dust and glue residue that would require servicing and cause production stoppages.

Save On Postage

When choosing the Kern PageMailer as a complete mailing solution, there is the possibility for further savings through postage discounts. If you are able to convert your documents to a 6” x 4.25” postcard size and leave the sides of the mailpiece open for inspection, there is significant discounts available, with the current first class postcard rate of 35 cents and further additional pre-sort discounts available. The Kern PageMailer pays for itself in as little as 4 months with volumes of 50,000 postcard pieces a week and your ROI will only increase with Kern's Customer Success Guarantee.