Kern is a leader in production mail solutions with better Technology, Products, Processes, Partnership, People.


   Our Mission

Kern delivers industrial strength document output management solutions for organizations that need productive answers to reduce their costs on labor, materials, maintenance, and facilities. We always strive to listen to and tailor our solutions to our customer


We are Committed to Customer Success

For over 65 years, Kern has been a global leader in production mail innovation.  Kern is known for the fastest, most reliable, and most durable folding and inserting machines.  More than inserters, Kern offers industrial pre- and post- print production equipment, Card Affixing systems, Polywrapping systems, ADF Software, and more to help the largest mailers in the world MAKE BETTER MAIL!  

How do we measure success?

Maximizing run-times and delivering consistently high through-put rates show that your mailing operation is running efficiently. To have a successful mailing environment, you need the cooperation of your operators, your documents, and your processing equipment. The synergy between these elements results in a truly successful operation and Kern is committed to making sure that you achieve success.

The success of our customers is the most important part of our business. At Kern, we believe that we do not succeed unless our customers succeed. Fast machines, advanced technology, and outstanding technical support are the fundamental strengths of what we do. By establishing a mutually beneficial partnership, both our customers and Kern are able to achieve success and we back that up with a guarantee.

You are making a large investment for your mailing operation and you want to know that your product is the best and will give you the results you want year after year. There is no better insurance policy for your production mail equipment than a guarantee and Kern has made a bold statement with our "Customer Success Guarantee".


The Kern Guarantee

"Your Kern product, when maintained under a Kern Full Service Maintance Agreement, is guaranteed to provide a minumum of Ten Years of production grade output. If we cant fix it, we'll replace it. Period"






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